Saturday, November 8, 2008


by Graham

Charleston is a wonderful city. My favorite part of it is on the side streets. The houses around were very big. My favorite houses were made of brick. The most magnificent part about the houses were the patios. They had beautiful light wood for the floor ( just like our house). The only thing I did not like about the patios was the furniture. The chairs were plastic beach chairs, and the tables were the wrong color. If the furniture was not all plastic and the wrong color, the patios would be 5 Star.

I did not like the main street much because it was so noisy, cars were honking horns, construction workers were making new sidewalks, cement mixers were turning, and people were using jackhammers to break the old cement. On most of the trees there were some sort of long, greenish hairy plant. There were about 20 of them draping from every tree branch. I thought it was some sort of Halloween decoration. Then dad told me it was Spanish moss. I said "I thought moss is big green clumps between side walk cracks." I had never seen anything like it. At the Charleston Museum I learned that the first slaves brought to America were in Charleston. Also the first cannon fire of the Civil War was shot there. Charleston is a beautiful city, and I would recommend you to go there.

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