Wednesday, December 31, 2008


by Graham

Hoy vamos a sandboarding. Lo es increible. El primero vez que bajo, yo no caido. Sandboarding es similar a snowboarding. Bajo muchos tiempos porque me gusta mucho. Mi papa esta bueno a sandboarding tambien. El primero tiempo para Katarina, ella caido. El segundo vez para Katarina, ella va bajo todo. Nosotros dicemos "Katarina! Katarina!" Tengo un tiempo muy bueno. Estoy encima de el mundo.

Graham's English translation: Today, we go sandboarding. It is incredible. The first time down, I do not fall. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding. I go down many times because I like it a lot. My father is also good at sandboarding. The first time for Katharine, she falls. The second time, she goes down all the way. We say "Katharine! Katharine!" I have a very good time. I am on top of the world.

Cool dude

I Dream of Jeannie

Major face plant


Paul Orlando said...

Looks like fun. If you were in Cuba, you could write a song about this called "Surfing with the Elian."

Anonymous said...

Graham, tus comentarios son excelentes. Considering you have had few spanish lessons. keep it up, Great Job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Estupendo. Quiero hacerlo tambien. Tu photo muestra un chico guapo y creciendo bien.
Tu Espanol....bravo !

Anonymous said...

Matthew knows about snowboarding and snowboards in the Blue Mountains. He was happy to learn about sandboarding. ripstik is his current sport.

Anonymous said...

My brother does not know how to snowboard at all.

Anonymous said...

Graham that is soooo awesome! i am officially jealous. i can see you and eric snowboarding together in the future.