Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Scream, You Scream, My Mom Stole My Ice Scream!

By Katharine

One night, we all went out for ice cream at Freddo's. The inside of the shop is small and has a big counter that takes up most of the room. There were only three other people. One little girl had a bowl of ice cream a few inches tall. We thought we could ask for a smaller scoop but then we found out that it was the smallest size. When it was our turn, my dad got raspberry. It was a pinkish color. My brother got wild berry, which was light pink with big purple chunks. I chose dulce de leche, which was light brown. Our dad went over to order in espanol. We took our helados outside. First, we tried Graham's. It tasted like a bunch of fruit put together to make a slushy. Then, we had my dad's. It tasted like a sour raspberry. Finally, we tried mine. It was all caramel, so creamy and smooth my mom went psycho for it. I asked her why she did not buy her own. She said she thought that it would be too much ice cream. She then told me that my ice cream was leaking, which I think was a lie because she just wanted more. I started screaming at her because she wouldn't give me my ice cream back, so I only got a half. My mom was like a dog with a bone. I feared for my life.

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Richmond Rose said...

Katharine : I liked your ice cream entry the best so far !

I have a funny poop story too - my new roomate and I decided to drive down to Key West from Baltimore : we thought we were really smart to load up the car using the large street level window in my bedroom instead of going all the way thru the courtyard and down the hall then a block up the street - we are so smart ! A few hours in to the drive we smell poop; can't loose it - check our shoes and sure enough we had both stepped in dog poop while trampling the bushes under my window - so we do a massive clean up and it's all good. Until we start to smell poop AGAIN - it took us until Cocoa Beach , FL to realize that all of our luggage stepped in poop too !