Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Race to Feel Good About

By Katharine
Sunday morning we ran in a race for ice cream. It makes people who eat ice cream feel good about themselves. When we got there dad told us it was a 3K race and we had to hurry to sign up. They gave us wicking T-shirts that were white and blue and had a picture of an ice cream cone. Also we got numbers to identify us in the race. My number was 1588.

To get started we had to stretch. First we had to touch our toes. A man was counting down from 20 until we started. I went with Mom. When we saw a mother pushing a stroller, my mom said that we had to beat her. Then we saw a group of kids, I suddenly told my mom in a strange voice that I was going to wipe them down. So I started running. I left her in the dust. After that I had to run back and get her. We decided to walk and run but we ended up running all the way.

We saw people holding up signs at the finish. Then we saw Dad and Graham they gave us water and Gatorade. Then we got free ice cream. After that we rode around in a 4-person bike and took a taxi home.

Because running wasn't enough...We rented a bike and cruised the park for an hour.

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Grandma Rose said...

Katharine ! What a good report about the ice cream race. I wish I could have been part of it.
Maybe, I would have run faster than your mom and you !
Did tahey haave butter pecan ice-cream ?
Grandma Rose