Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Love Empanadas!

By Graham

My favorite food here is the
empanada. They are a type of pastry. It looks like a golden brown half moon. On the inside there is a filling of meat, chicken, or vegetables. I like soft-crusted empanadas. My favorite kind is dulce de carne, which is meat, sugar, and raisins. Mom says I should not eat an empanada every day because they have more calories and fat than a Big Mac. Even though they are tempting, I've decided not to eat them anymore (well, sort of). Last night I was chowing down on mini-empanadas. I had three huge helpings. I was sure by morning I would be fat as a hog, but I wasn't. I am still the same. Turns out they really weren't empanadas. They were Italian raviolis shaped like empanadas.


Poppa Frank& Grandma Rose said...

We love empanadas, too.Your great grandma made one kind and we called them "spinach cakes ". Many thought that spinach and raisins were a strange cobination, but delicious nevertheless. Grandma Rose has made some for Thanksgiving.
Poppa Frank & Grandma Rose

Aunt M said...

Hey Graham,
Save some for Eric.

hipgolf said...

We love your poem about empanadas. Writing professionally is in your future, no doubt. Could you please ask your mother to come up with a recipe for empanadas? We're drooling here in Gainesville.
Susan, Grace and Mr. B.