Sunday, November 23, 2008

Un Poco Nada de Empanada

By Graham con la familia

The empanada is a pastry
That I find mighty tasty.

With more fat than a Big Mac
It's a golden heart attack.

Meat, chicken, vegetable,
All so delectable.

Crunchy, munchy, golden brown,
Sure to stop a sullen frown.

Moist, rich, very sweet,
Bound to be a super treat.

Comiendolos es muy bien
Until I come to the end.

Then I want una mas,
With a little agua con gas!


Grandma said...

Magnifico !!!
This is outstandaing ! Por favor escribe mas y mas.

Paul Orlando said...

I like this post. I both understand what an empanada is and am entertained.

With a few references
to el helado y la caca,
this poem could be
turned into a saga.