Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chukker Up

By Louise

We have a friend who claims to have hung out with the Argentinian polo team. On horseback. Shoeless. Standing. Apparently, she was showing off her skills by riding bareback barefoot while standing. Uh-huh. But enough about her. We just returned from our first polo match and let me tell you, those taco-wielding caballeros estan muy fantastico! I'd stand on a horse for them, too! Smacking that little plastic white ball while moving at extreme speed....que impressivo! Very exciting to watch. Had no idea what was happening. Couldn't keep track of the ball or who was who — the red and white team lost by a lot, but it was okay. No one seemed to care. It was just a very nice Sunday afternoon at Polo Argentina in Palermo.

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Hola, tu madre said...

Luisa ! Andres es tu caballro hermoso y fantastico. Los fotografias son buenos !!