Monday, January 12, 2009

Have Empanadas, Will Dance

By Eric (visiting cousin)

My trip to Buenos Aires was fantastic, and I can’t thank my aunt and uncle enough for having me. One thing that was interesting to me was how popular dancing the tango is. There are famous tango restaurants where you can have dinner and a dancing show. There are people tangoing in the streets to make some money. I thought it was very cool to see people tangoing while we walked through the market. I saw one man dancing with a dummy. He had comedy in his act; he would stop people if they tried to walk past him and block them from passing by--all while he was dancing. One group of tango dancers had two people playing the Spanish guitar for them to dance to. I liked them the best because their style was very relaxed and it looked like they were going with the flow. You can see this in the video below.

Pockets of Pleasure
Empanadas are great. I fell in love with the first one I had. Why can’t they be a common thing in the U.S? I may have started with one that was too high class because I got my first one at a luxury hotel before I went to a regular restaurant. But regardless they are great. If you take a trip to Buenos Aires then an empanada is a must-have snack. They can be filled with things like cheese, beef, and chicken.


Anonymous said...

Jabon y queso?

Anonymous said...

I prefer pie.

Abuelos said...

Muy bien, Eric. Estamos encantados que tu le gusta a Argentina. Ole !
Apredistes bailar el Tango?
Es un baile muy romantico.
Vamos a cocinar empanadas ! Es posible, NO?
Hasta la vista .
Los aqui que te quieren.