Tuesday, January 13, 2009

La Oruga

By Katharine

One Sunday in Quito, a giant green caterpillar appeared at our door. The caterpillar was 50 feet long! Instead of legs it had wheels and lights, it was a bus. It had boxes full of seats, every two boxes were connected with a trailer hitch. Each caterpillar segment was covered with a metal umbrella. In front of the caterpillar was a smiling face, it looked as if he put too much lipstick on. The caterpillar was short in height and played music.

We begged our mom to get on even though it looked babyish. After a while she said yes, and we climbed in. We might have misunderstood the driver because we think he said that the caterpillar would only go around the block and come back in 10 minutes. But nooo, he actually said we would have to wait 10 minutes until it started.

After 10 minutes of waiting we started. First the caterpillar swerved down the street. When the front went to one side of the block, the back would go to the other side! Unfortunately, we were in the back, it was really scary. All the cars had to get out of our way. Some cars even had to be halfway on the sidewalk. When we rode to a certain spot where there were no cars, the driver started spinning in circles, one loop after another. The head of the caterpillar was almost touching the tail. After 10 circles he started swerving again. Close to the end of the ride a guy tried to jump on and was hanging on to the back until he let go. Finally, the caterpillar stopped back in front of our house. I felt sick later.

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