Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Zip Line

By Katharine

It was a long way down. I was standing on a cliff, 300 feet above the ground and do you know what I was doing? I was preparing to get on a zip line to cross a river at the bottom of a gorge. There were mountains in the distance and cows standing on the hills. But the scariest thing was the murky brown rapids below me.

We learned that the president of Ecuador did the zip line, so it should be safe. We were all very scared, though. It was my dad's turn first. He stepped up to the line. A man made him put on a harness and a leather belt. He was doing "Superman." He had to climb up on a chair and the man held onto his legs. Next, my dad got lifted into the air and was hanging on his belly. Finally, the man let go and and Dad went shooting across really fast, high above the rapids. When he reached the other side, a lady ran to get him. She climbed up on a ladder and unhooked him.

We all decided that we did not want to do "Superman." Instead, we wanted to sit and hold onto handles as we went across. It was my turn after Graham's. I kicked myself off. I zoomed across with a loud "zip." It felt as if I had big white wings. But as soon as I passed some boulders, it seemed as if I was falling because I was going down so fast. I landed safely on the other side. I wanted to do it again.

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Paul Orlando said...

Wow, Katharine. That was a great descriptive story. And nice video, too.