Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 Ways To Annoy Your Parents

By Graham

1. Repeat the same sentence again and again. Really, repeat the same sentence again and again. Repeat the same sentence again and again.

2. If you have sibling annoy them so much that you annoy your parents too.

3. During the night, when everyone is sleeping, take your mom’s best tube of lipstick and draw a mustache or goatee on her face.

4. Walk around your house creating a big racket. Stomping on a second floor is best.

5. Sing in your worst high-pitched voice.

6. Fake laugh at anything your parents say.

7. Fart.

8. Fart some more.

9. Make gagging noises and pretend to throw up.

10. Rock on your chair.

11. Talk so fast that your parents can’t understand you. When they try to speak, talk even faster.

12. Interrupt a conversation with an occasional, What? Who? When? Where?

13. Walk around the house saying, “Vat eeez up my leetle friend?” With a bad French accent.

14. Poke your sibling in the stomach repeatedly.

15. Repeat every word your parents say.

16. Talk about disgusting things during dinner.

17. Talk about disgusting things all the time.

18. When you ask a question never wait for the answer, just ask another question.

19. Pay no attention to your sibling for a whole day.

20. Jump on the beds screaming, “Hallelujah!”

21. Do your loudest burp in your dad’s ear.

22. Ignore everything your parents say and then whine when you can’t have what you want.

23. When the moon is full act crazy. Go around the house moaning and speaking in a blood-thirsty tone.

24. Drop your dirty clothes on the floor and leave them there.

25. Every once in a while throw up your hands and say, “I Love Myself!”

Warning: Use these methods at your own risk. I don’t want to get in trouble.

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lizard mail said...

Graham, boy I am glad my daughter did not have this list when she was living with me! :)Do your parents make you sleep out under the palm tree?